Barber Wax 100 ml Paste

Barber Wax 100 ml Paste

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Marmara Barber Waxes are designed to create the perfect style with the variety it offers in its holding power.
Waxes with strong hold are suitable for sharp styles. Waxes with low hold provide a softer and natural look.

THE PERFECTION OF NATURALITY: Marmara Barber Paste Wax is made with a carefully selected blend of ingredients that provide less hold, but are natural, easier to use and to distribute on the hair. It provides texture, volume and shine control with a soft finish. Marmara Barber Paste Wax is suitable for all hair types and lengths.

*100 ml

Lemon, Lavender
Rose, Jasmine, Muge
Musk, Amber

With its aromatic and unique scent
Mediterranean wind, warm and refreshing
will feel the breeze.
An extraordinary journey with soft opening notes.

Rub between your palms, apply a small amount to damp or dry hair and style as desired.

Easily Washable
Natural Finish
Soft Grip